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Daily Program:
Duration: 20 days / 19 nights.
Touristic Attractions: Lima – CUSCO – Sacred Valley- Machu Picchu – City Tour – HUARAZ – Llanganuco lagoon – Chavin de Huantar Tour – TRUJILLO – City tour – Huaca del Sol y Luna – Chan Chan – Huanchaco – El Brujo Complex (Señora de Cao) – LAMBAYEQUE – Royal Tombs of Sipán – National Museum of Sicán – Pyramids of Tucume – Huaca Rajada – CAJAMARCA – Countryside and Ventanillas de Otuzco – Ex Hacienda La Collpa – Inca Thermal Baths – AMAZONAS – Leymebamba – Chachapoyas – Tingo – Kuelap Fortress – Gocta Waterfall – Pitaya Petroglyphs.

Day 1: Lima city. Welcome to Peru.

• When you will arrive to Lima at “Jorge Chavez International Airport”, our Trip Peru representative, will be welcome and transfer you to your hotel..
• On the route, our staff will give you all the required information about your program, current currency exchange rate and give you some advice about your permanence in Peru, and resolve all question you have in there.
• Hotel accommodation.
• Overnight in Lima.

Day 2: Lima – Cusco (capital of the Inca Empire).

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• According with the transfer time, our staff will be take you to “Jorge Chavez International Airport” to take the plane to Cusco.
We will do the check-in process: seat assignment, baggage check and boarding pass printed
You will board the flight to Cusco city. It takes just 01 hour flight
• Arrival at “Velasco Astete Airport” in Cusco city, our Trip Peru representative, will be transfer you to the hotel, according your reservation you did.
• Overnight in Cusco.

Day 3: Tour – Incas Sacred Valley.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• In the morning, we will transfer you through the sacred valley and along the Urubamba River, where you can appreciate beautiful landscapes until arriving at the town of Chinchero at (12,342.51 feet / 3,762meters above sea level ). There, you will enjoy a craft center where you will be received by the local people; and visit the main square and its colonial church.
• We will continue with our trip. We will go to Ollantaytambo, one of the most important towns in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and this is the only place that preserves its Inca urban design. However, “Ollantay” has its own charms.
• At the indicated time, we will go to the town of Urubamba.
• Overnight in the Sacred Valley.

Day 4: Tour Machu Picchu.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will transfer from the hotel located in the Sacred Valley to the Ollantaytambo train station to board the tourist class train to the town of Aguas Calientes.
• The impressive trip lasts an hour and a half; and you will enjoy the indescribable scenery from the andes to the low jungle, and you will also enjoy the excellent service on the train.
• Upon arrival at the train station in Aguas Calientes, we will board a bus up the mountain and arrive at the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. (7,972.44 feet / 2,430 meters above sea level).

MACHU PICCHU: At the site, we will visit the Inca palaces, towers, Intihuatana, the palace of three windows, the central plaza, platforms, the condor palace and cells, as well as the impressive view of the Huayna Picchu mountain.
• At the indicated time, we will take a bus to go down again to the town of Aguas Calientes.
• We will board the train from the town of Aguas Calientes to the Ollantaytambo train station and then to the city of Cusco in a special reserved transport. All this movement will take about 03 hours. (approx)
• Arrival to Cusco city ( 11,151.57 feet / 3,399 meters above sea level) and transfer to the hotel, it will be accommodated according to the reservation you made.
• Overnight in Cusco.

Day 5: Cusco Imperial – City Tour.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
CITY TOUR: We will visit the monumental and historical part of the ancient city of Cusco. Along the city and El Sol Avenue is the main square, where we will be able to appreciate the religious complex of the Cathedral and the Temple of the Qoricancha.
• Close to the city, is Sacsayhuaman archaeological park, with huge megalithic stone structures and nearby we can see places such as Q’enqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, which are part of this huge archaeological complex.
• Overnight in Cusco.

Day 6: Cusco. Lima. Huaraz.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• According to the time of your itinerary; we will transfer you to at Cusco Airport. We will do the check-in process: seat assignment, baggage check and boarding pass printed
• Later you will have a flight to Lima.
• When you will arrive to Lima, our TRIP PERU representative; will be assits you for connecting to Huaraz city.
21:30 We will board the bus of the transport company Movil Tours; bed bus (itinerary service), bound for the beautiful city of Huaraz, located in the department of Ancash. At an altitude of 10013.12 feet / 3052 meters above sea level, having a travel distance of 656.61 miles / 408 kilometers and a duration of 08 hours.

Day 7: Tour Callejón de Huaylas – Llanganuco lagoon.

• Arrival to Huaraz city and transfer to the Hotel, located in the center of the city.
• Breakfast at the hotel.
• In the morning we will visit the Callejón de Huaylas; We will move to the Huascarán National Park, passing through the towns of Paltay, Carhuaz, Macros and the Santo Yungay field, and then ascend to the Llanganuco lagoon, with its beautiful turquoise waters, which is located at the foot of the Nevados Huascarán and Huandoy.
• Lunch (on your own).
• Later we will visit the beautiful and picturesque town of Caraz, where we can buy sweets and white cream caramel.
• Transfer to the hotel.
• Overnight in Huaraz.

Day 8: Chavin de Huantar Tour.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• This morning we will visit the Mosna Valley, in a long but beautiful journey through its beautiful and special natural attractions such as the Kerococha Lagoon, then we will pass the Kawish tunnel (crossing of the white mountain range), and then arrive at the Mosna Valley (alley Conchucos).
• Lunch (on your own).
• We will visit the Archaeological Zone of Chavín de Huantar, located between the confluence of the Wachesca and Mosna rivers, a place that was excavated in the 40’s by Julio César Tello, knowing the remains of one of the oldest cultures in Peru ( 1200 BC- 400 BC), we will visit the places of meeting and religious celebration, passing through underground passages, and getting to know the monolithic sandeel within its galleries, all of them worked in local stone, as well as the enigmatic nailed heads.
After this visit, we will return to the Hotel in Huaraz city.
• Overnight in Huaraz.

Day 9: City tour – Huaraz – Trujillo.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will make a tour of Huaraz city – City Tour: Visiting the Main square, the Belén neighborhood, Temple of the Lord of Loneliness and the Olaya passage, and then we will move to the thermal baths of Monterrey, where we can relax in its thermo – medicinal waters.
• Lunch (on your own).
21:30 We will board the bus of the transport company Movil Tours; bound for the city of Trujillo, the trip will have a journey of 211.26 miles / 340 kilometers and a duration of 07 hours.

Day 10: TRUJILLO – City tour – Huaca del Sol y Luna – Chan Chan – Huanchaco.

• Arrival to Trujillo city and transfer to the Hotel, located in the center of the city.
• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will start the City Tour where we will get to know the most important interesting places of “The capital of eternal spring”, such as the Plaza Mayor and the “El recreo”; Colonial houses such as Portada de los Leones( Lions Gates) , De La Emancipación (Emancipation House ) etc.
• Later we will move to the Moche Valley area to Huaca del Sol y de la Luna; where we will be able to appreciate the vestiges of the Moche Culture and the wonderful murals worked in colored clay, also the buildings with superimposed platforms, the various forms of construction from different periods (200 BC -700 AD approx.), cemetery. We will also see the Huaca del Sol, which is part of the archaeological complex, as well as the artisan centers.
After this visit, we will board the bus to go to the Huanchaco beach, where the Little reed horse (caballitos de totora) are been used from old times till nowadays for fishing and surfing .
– Lunch (on your own)
• Then we will move to the archaeological site of Chan-Chan; (largest mud city in the world). We will visit the “Palacio Tschudi”, and inside we can visit its immense ceremonial square, central cemetery, water well, viewpoint place and the Site Museum, where we will appreciate the vestiges found in the area such as ceramics and mummies of the Chimu and Mochica culture.
• Transfer to the hotel.
• Overnight in Trujillo.

Day 11: Trujillo – El Brujo Complex (Señora de Cao) – Chiclayo.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Transfer from the hotel to the Chicama Valley and entrance to Magdalena de Cao; about 37.28 miles / 60 kilometers from Trujillo city.
Upon arrival we will visit the modern Museum where the remains of the “Señora de Cao”, the first female ruler of the Mochica culture, buried about 1,700 years ago, are exhibited.
• After this visit, we will board the bus to go to Chiclayo city.
Arrival at the Pier of Pimentel, with a temperate climate, with moderate heat at noon, tempered by light winds and by the proximity of the sea, a suitable place for lunch.
• Lunch (on your own)
• Overnight in Chiclayo.

Day 12: Lambayeque – Royal Tombs of Sipán – National Museum of Sicán.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will board the tourist transport to Lambayeque, (27.96 miles / 45 kms) in one hour in approx. Then, we will visit the Museum of ROYAL TOMBS OF SIPÁN, it has 10 exhibition rooms, where you can see the vestiges of burial and treasures of the Lord of Sipán, at the time of his death; the great collection of gold, silver and copper objects.
• Lunch (on your own)
• We will continue our visit to SICÁN NATIONAL MUSEUM, which exhibits the archaeological discoveries of large intact tombs of Sicán noble rulers, one of them shows the great Lord and his rich trousseau, found in Huaca “Loro”, also highlighting the metallurgy for its high production of metallurgy in sample of copper and bronze work and its varied and refined goldsmithing. It should be noted that 80% of the sacred gold of ancient Peru comes from grave goods from the Sicán tombs in the Pomac Forest. Another important aspect of this museum is its exquisite wall paintings found on the walls of the burial chambers in Huaca “Las Ventanas”, thus showing an interpretation of the worldview of the time.
• Transfer to Chiclayo city.
• Overnight in Chiclayo.


Day 13: Pyramids of Tucume – Huaca Rajada.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will take the touris bus to Túcume (20.75 miles / 33.4 kms), in 40 minutes approx; to visit the Archaeological Complex of “Huaca Rajada”, where the vestiges of the Lord of Sipán were discovered. We will walk until we reach the viewpoint of the hill “La Raya” to appreciate the great valley populated by carob trees and the upper part of the temples in that area.
• Visit to the Site Museum.
• Then we will visit the pyramids of Túcume, which house a number of 26 adobe buildings with monumental character.
• Transfer to the hotel.
22:30 We will board the bus of the transport company Movil Tours; bound for Cajamarca city, that trip will have a route of 183.31 millas / 295 kilometers and a duration of 06 hours.

Day 14: CAJAMARCA – City tour – Countryside and Ventanillas de Otuzco.

• Arrival to Cajamarca city. Transfer to the hotel, located in the center of Cajamarca city.
• Breakfast at the hotel.
City tour: Cajamarca City Tour; We will visit the Cajamarca main square, where the Sainf Francis Church is also located, a beautiful sample of Andean baroque architecture, and next to it is the Virgin of sorrows Chapel –Cajamarca´s patrón.
• We will also pass through the historic “Rescue room”, where the Inca Antabalipa promised his rescue to Pizarro, for his release.
Then we will go up to Santa Apolonia view point, tutelary hill of Cajamarca; and from there we will appreciate the splendor of the city.
• Lunch (on your own).
After lunch and in the afternoon, we will move to the district and countryside of Otuzco, to make a visit to the archaeological zone of “The Tiny Windows”, which was a pre-Inca funeral ceremonial place, which consisted of extraordinary spaces carved in the living rock.
• Also very close, we can visit the Ex Hacienda “Three Mills” and the Hortensias gardens.
• Transfer to the hotel.
• Overnight in Cajamarca.

Day 15: Ex Hacienda La Collpa – Inca Thermal Baths.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• We will move to the Ex Hacienda “La Collpa”, where the traditional “call of the cows” is made, to call them by their own name and to be able to milk them in each place where their name is.
• From this place, we will go to the Yacanora district, where the Inca thermal baths are located, where the pools where the Inca Atabalipa received these comforting and hot medicinal baths that until today, visitors use as healing baths will be appreciated.
• Lunch (on your own).
• Free afternoon for personal activities.
• Overnight in Cajamarca.

Day 16: Cajamarca – Leymebamba – Chachapoyas.

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• After breakfast, we will board a 4×4 double cabin van, bound for Tingo via the city of Celendín, and upon arrival we will leave for Balsas on the banks of the Marañón River.
• Lunch (on your own).
• In the afternoon, upon arrival in Balsas, we will connect to the city of Leymebamba, on the way we will appreciate the majesty of the Calla – Calla mountain range.
• Arrival in Leymebamba, and immediately, we will visit the “Mallqui project museum”, where you can see more than 326 mummies, ceramics and textiles, extracted from the Laguna de los Condores.
Transfer to Hotel that is located in the center of the city of Leymebamba.
• Overnight in Leymebamba.

Day 17: Tingo – Kuelap Fortress – Chachapoyas.

• Breakfast at the lodge.
• We will board our double cabin 4×4 truck bound for the Utcubamba Valley.
• We will visit the towns of Tingo Nuevo and Antiguo (stone bridge) and the annexes of Choctamal, Longuita and María.
• After our tour, we will arrive at Kuelap Citadel and Fortress , cradle of the kingdom of the Chachapoyas, being the most impressive tourist attraction in the North East of Peru. Located at 9842.52 feet / 3,000 meters above sea level. It is the city of Chachapoyas, it is the best preserved area in the region and although its architecture is more rustic than that of the Inca fortresses, they acquire a special value for the geometric decoration, for the reliefs that the outer walls show.
• It is about two gigantic artificial platforms superimposed that form an oval area 656.168 yards / 600 meters long, fully walled by walls 26.24 feet / 08 meters high.
• The archaeological zone called “Fortaleza” is almost impenetrable, if one takes into account that the only three entrances are narrow and lead through a passage with enormous lateral walls, towards the interior of the enclosure. At the southern end there is a circular construction called “El Tintero”, characterized by its inverted cone shape.
• In addition, in the area where the Fortress is located, and occupies part of what is known as “Pueblo Alto”, or the perimeter wall of 37.72 feet / 11.5 meters high, among other unique constructions such as “El Castillo” and “El Torreón” from here you get a panoramic view of incomparable beauty.
• Transfer to Chachapoyas city.
• Arrival at the city and transfer to the Hotel / accommodation in the selected room.
• Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Day 18: Gocta Waterfall – Pitaya Petroglyphs.

• Regional breakfast.
• We will board our double cabin 4×4 truck, heading to the town of Cocachimba, which is only one hour and 45 minutes from Chachapoyas, on the way we will make a stop to observe the “Petroglyphs of Pitaya”: defined as rock art in high relief, of more than 3,000 years old. We will appreciate a total of 30 representations of flora, fauna and hunting scenes.
Minutes later, we will arrive at Cocachimba town, from there we will start a three-hour walk to the “Gocta Waterfall” (2332.68 feet / 711 meters high), being considered the third highest waterfall in the world after the “Del Ángel ” in Venezuela and” Tugela Falls ” in South Africa.
• On the way we will observe flora and fauna typical of the cloud forest.
• Return to the city of Chachapoyas. Transfer to hotel.
• Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Day 19: Chachapoyas – Jaen – Lima.

• In the morning, breakfast will be provided at the hotel.
• Half day free for personal activities.
• Transfer to Jaen airport in about 02 hours in a tourist transportation.
• Baggage check at the airline counter. We will board the airline flight to the city of Lima.
• At the airport in Lima, our Trip Peru representative will take you to the hotel.
• At once you have settled at the hotel, you will have the opportunity to rest or perhaps make shopping for handicrafts, or just enjoy the city.
• At night, we will offer you a Peruvian folk show, somewhere in Lima, where you can admire the different dances of Peru and their beautiful costumes. Includes Creole buffet dinner.
• Overnight Lima.

Day 20: Lima (Return to your country).

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• According to the departure time of your plane; our staff will transfer you to “Jorge Chávez International Airport”, We will do the check-in process: seat assignment, baggage check and boarding pass in the International airline counter to board your flight to your place of residence.
End of our services

The program includes:

• Airport transfers in / out – Lima, Cusco and Kuelap.
• 02 hotel nights in Lima city.
• Dinner show in Lima city.
• Air ticket Lima – Cusco – Lima.
• 03 hotel nights in Cusco city.
• Tour Sacred Valley of the Incas.
• Entrance ticket to Chinchero.
• Entrance ticket to the archaeological zone of Ollantaytambo.
• Buffet lunch in Sacred Valley.
• 01 hotel night in Urubamba town .(Sacred Valley).
• Round trip train ticket – Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes
• Round trip to Machu Picchu.
• Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu.
• Transfer in / out – Ollantaytambo – Cusco.
• City tour Cusco.
• Entrance ticket to Cusco´s Cathedral and Qoricancha.
• Visit the archeological remains of Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay.
• Bus ticket Lima – Huaraz (Presidential Service).
• 02 hotel nights in Huaraz city.
• Tour Callejon de Huaylas.
• Entrance ticket to Huascaran National Park (Llanganuco Lagoon).
• Tour to Chavin de Huantar archaeological zone.
• Ticket entrance to Chavin de Huantar archaeological site museum and remain área.
• City tour Huaraz and ticket entrance to Wilcashuain temple.
• Bus ticket Huaraz – Trujillo (Special Service).
• 01 hotel night in Trujillo city.
• Tour Sun and the moon temples and Huanchaco bay.
• Entrance ticket to Chan-Chan archaeological site.
• Tour to The Sorcerer – The Lady of Cao complex
Transfer to Chiclayo.
• 02 hotel nights in Chiclayo city.
• Entrance ticket to Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum.
• Tour to Sican Museum.
• Tour Huaca Rajada, Túcume pyramids.
• Bus Tickets Chiclayo – Cajamarca (Special Service).
• 02 hotel night in Cajamarca city.
• Tour to Belén complex and entrance ticket to “The Ransom room” – Belén hospital).
• Tour to Ventanillas de Otuzco.
• Tour KUntur Wasi archaeological center.
• Transfer in private car from Cajamarca to Leymebamba.
• 01 hotel night in Leymebamba town.
• Entrance ticket to the Leymebamba Museum.
• 02 nights in Chachapoyas city.
• Tour to Kuelap fortress.
• Round trip cable car ticket to Kuelap.
• Tour Leymebamba Museum.
• Tour Gocta waterfall (does not include mules).
• Entrance ticket to the Cocachimba Community.
• Official Tour Guide.
• Airport Taxes.
• Travel assistance insurance during your visit to Peru.

Does not include:

• Food.
• Tips to Guides and Porters, extras.
• What is not mentioned in this program.



We have the best hotel reservations in Cusco city and the Sacred Valley so thats the way your visit in Cusco and Machu Picchu will be unforgettable


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