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Welcome to TRIP PERU, we are a Travel Agency and a Tour Operator, with more than 19 years of experience, we provide personalized advice, in each design of your trip according to your needs, whether on vacation or business.


TRIP PERU we are a Travel agency and a Tour Operator, we have the best rates in the tourist market within Peru and the world, we offer a wide range of tour services, such as cruises, trains, travel insurance and advice. Our personalized service makes our agency a leader in customer service giving you all the facilities for the development of your visit in our country.
TRIP PERU, will have the high honor of serving you and we look forward to giving you the best of our services of the highest quality with our PROFESSIONAL STAFF who will assist you.
We are accredited in MINCETUR – CERTIFICATE Nº 190 DGPDT and Partners of APAVIT Nº OA0880.


To be a leading and reliable tour operator travel agency inside and outside of Peru, offering a service of optimal tourist quality, based on excellence and experience, for the satisfaction of our clients, contributing to the continuous improvement and socio-economic development of our Peru.


Offer quality and security in our tourist service, trips and events, satisfying the needs of our clients and relying on our human resources and continuous improvement in the quality of processes, thus contributing to the development of Peru.


 Quality of Service; we are oriented to satisfy and exceed the expectations and needs of our clients.
 Commitment; We are committed to our vision in both our individual and organizational excellence.
 Respect; we prevail respect for our clients-friends and co-workers to create harmony and integrity.
 Ethics; we develop a dignified and honorable conduct complying with our standards required by tourism laws.
 Responsibility; we assume the consequences of our decisions and actions.
 Diversity; We differentiate ourselves by the services we offer in national and international tourist programms.
 Competitiveness; We seek to be efficient and productive to continue venturing into the national and international market.
 Teamwork; we are dynamic, effective and highly responsive people.



 Tourists.
 Seniors citizens
 School children on vacation plans.
 Students.
 Divers executives and professionals.

Agent accredited to Peruvian Tourism Organizations

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TRIP PERU. Travel Agency TOUR OPERATOR with the best travel offers within Peru.

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